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The Safety Management Auditing course is a 2-day course focused on techniques related to the phases of safety audits:  preparing, conducting and the important follow-up. It covers the concepts for planning and conducting effective safety audits, how to communicate audit results and follow up on recommendations made in an audit report.

Upon completion, participants will be able

  • Identify both individual and organizational benefits of safety management audits.
  • Differentiate between a safety audit and a safety inspection.
  • Recognize the phases of safety audits:  preparing, conducting, and follow up.
  • Identify how the 10 steps of a safety audit are organized.
  • Assess your organization’s safety audit efforts.
  • Recognize key tasks required for planning effective safety audits.
  • Create an audit checklist based on a short case scenario.
  • Identify communication and follow-up actions to take after completing an audit.


The 2-days program covers the following modules

  • The value of a safety audit
  • What is the difference between a safety audit and safety inspection?
  • Planning for safety audits
  • Reporting and following up
  • Conducting safety audits


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