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This course is designed to help an organization to meet its duties under current fire safety legislation by providing employees with essential knowledge about fire safety, helping them to understand how to prevent a fire from starting as well as what actions to take if a fire does break out.


Designed for: all employees:

  • those with no specific fire-safety role
  • those undertaking induction training
  • as an introduction for those who intend to move on to further fire-safety training


This course covers the following topics:

  • Main causes and effects of fires in the workplace
  • Duties and responsibilities (of employers, employees and fire wardens)
  • Procedures in the event of a fire
  • Actions to be taken in the event of a fire
  • Fire prevention measures
  • Fire risk management, including risk assessment
  • The fire triangle
  • Fire risk control measures (active and passive)
  • Reporting fire safety issues
  • Portable fire-fighting equipment
  • Simple checks of portable fire-fighting equipment
  • Causes of fire in the workplace
  • Fire hazards
  • Fire control methods
  • Means of escape
  • Fire detection and raising the alarm
  • Fixed fire-fighting systems
  • Role of the fire warden


1 Day

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