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This Course is designed for all Emergency Response Team members and line management that need to understand emergency management and the need for understanding the planning, implementation and evaluation mechanisms including that for disaster recovery, and the strategies required.


  • Fully understand the requirements, documentation and responsibilities for an emergency preparedness programme.
  • Understand the risk identification and assessment methodology including, natural, manmade and political.
  • Understand the responsibilities of each party involved in crisis or emergency and recovery management.
  • Appreciate the special requirements for lines of communications, means of escape and access, emergency power, communications, publicity and organizational control systems and procedures.
  • Understand the need for and activities of the Incident control team and emergency operations center.
  • Appreciate the requirements for emergency response training and refresher training with different exercises.
  • Be better able to complete mock drills in their department.
  • Be able to recognize the necessity to keep preparedness equipment in good operating condition.
  • Be aware of mutual aid availability, agreements and limitations.

All attendees will receive a copy of the Safety Projects International Inc. Disaster and Emergency response manual complete with a comprehensive management disaster response audit system.

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